Blain Harasymiw in Japan Photography Tour and Workshops visit only the most photogenic and unique destinations. For 21 years Blain and his team have been exploring around Japan, and know the very best locations to journey to all year round.

Cherry Blossom Photo Tour Japan is beautiful. Blain journeys with participants cross country searching for that perfect cherry blossom, and every year they discover together “The Perfect Cherry Blossom.” Highlights during spring workshop include visiting exclusive Ochaya Maiko Geisha ‘tea houses’ in Kyoto style. Exotic birding and wildlife adventures film the Japanese white-eye ‘Mejiro’ while they savor the sweet nectar of the cherry blossom. Visit the wild Snow Monkey without snow, and photograph adorable newborn baby snow monkeys playing by the hot springs while proud mothers lay back and enjoy the healing hot springs. Visit the most special and photogenic Buddhist-Shinto shrines and temples and stroll on the same pathways in Zen garden that ancient Samurai walked upon.

Winter in Japan is spectacular for wildlife adventure photography, during our wildlife adventure photography tour workshop, you can expect up-close and personal encounters with a variety of wildlife species; such as the wild Snow Monkeys, the Steller's Sea Eagle, White-Tailed Eagle, Red Crowned Crane, Sika Deer, Red Tailed Fox, Blakinston Fish Owl and many others. Winter wonderland landscapes we concentrate on at Mt. Fuji, and in Hokkaido Japans most northern Island. In the winters of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Blain and participants photographed the largest herd of Sika Deer on our planet. This is a rare event, and Blain hopes you will also be honored to view such a spectacular sight in 2019 or 2020 with him!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; it will take a thousand pictures to express your one carefree emotion on your journey with Blain and his team in Japan.

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